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As some of you know from Twitter and Twitch that I’m recovering from many medical related problems since early last year. Friday (January 28th, 2022) I had a small surgery to improve my quality of life with my Multiple Sclerosis. Unfortunately this quick outpatient procedure wound up taking over an hour due to issues the facility staff I am in caused to my body, not to mention witholding a med for an infection tht played into the issues.

Basically the surgeon had to remove “small chunks” of three internal organs that either had shifted, or were infected. Due to this, I am in far more pain than the surgery should have included. I am on a number of pain killers that have me weak and with no ambition. Basically on par with how I felt when I had Covid, but on a physical pain scale.

That said, the gaming (Twitch) side may be on hold for a while. I’m still going to try to update the metal side of this site, but only reviewing when I feel up to it. I don’t want anything to influence what I have to say about something. And yes, I am aware I missed some important news the past few days. I will post those stories when I feel up to formatting it all.

Thank you for your understanding.
– Apoch W.

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