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Gloom: Observtions of Humanity

The death metal machine known as Gloom have returned! Today marks the release of Dogged, the Spanish five-piece’s first new full-length effort in upwards of six years! This new studio recording is being handled by Morbid Shrine Productions, It’s being handled by Morbid Shrine Productions, who, along side the brutal Transcending Obscurity PR, have made it available to stream in full! Click the button on the player below and prepare to have your skull caved in. Just don’t say you weren’t warned…

Incase you’re unaware, Gloom was formed by Fer and David, both former members of short-lived Spanish death metal group Virulence. While David may be gone from the ranks, this behemoth’s current line-up also consists of Carlos Ayuso of Unsoouled on drums, and former Cryfemal/ex-The Art of Blasphemy vocalist Necroseheiim, who signed up in 2010. Even if you’re familiar with the band’s debut album from 2009, Dogged is guaranteed to be a whole different beast!

Pick up your copy of Dogged right now from Morbid Shrine Productions’ official website at THIS LOCATION, or their official Bandcamp account HERE to get your digital version!

For more information about Gloom, be sure to check out their official Facebook page at THIS LOCATION!

Audio approved for stream by Morbid Shrine Productions
via Transcending Obscurity PR.

E-mail proof of this approval is available upon request for legal purposes only.