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Cobentrice: Switch Dementia
Brutal Death Metal
Narcoleptica Productions
March 13, 2015
Release length: 36:22

When it comes to Bandcamp, there’s a slew of new metal material popping up every single day. Once in a while, I happen across one that, even though not in my review que or submitted for consideration one way or the other, I feel should be given some attention, whether it positive or negative. In this case, I happened upon a band called Cobentrice, who have unleashed their debut full-length album, Switch Dementia, through Narcoleptica Productions.

When you’re looking for some good brutal death metal, Columbia is a pretty good place to start, which is where we find Cobentrice hailing from. The duo of guitarist/drum programmer Saul Salazr and drummer Belial (Tormentor 666, Total Metal) don’t necessarily raise enough hell across to ten tracks that make up the album to make you want to pick up a chainsaw and commence beheading infidels, but there’s no denying the two still unleash a venomous onslaught much of the time thanks to the well executed pig squeals, and at times inhuman speed of the drum machine, like in some spots of “Tectum in Chunks” alongside the random subtle epic gloom. There’s even some that scream a hint of mechanical torture and science fiction flair on “Cubensis Sherbert” thanks to the reverb present, not to mention dystopian atmospheres.

No, Cobentrice isn’t an outfit based solely on style, but rather various bouts of rage and intimidation that play up the style’s brutality quite well, immediately reminding me of bands like North America’s Sick and Italy’s Corpsefucking Art. Cold, often relentless, and all around unforgiving, Switch Dementia stands as a damn good start for this Columbian two-piece, one that can be picked up from Narcoleptica Productions official Bandcamp account as a “name your price” digital download (the only option as it seems this is a strictly digital release from what I can tell).

And if you find yourself wanting more, Cobentrice also has their Puke Innards EP available for digital download as well through their own official Bandcamp account at the low price of $2.50. While Switch Dementia is more of a modern sounding affair, this first outing has more of a raw production to it. While it doesn’t do much for the sake of atmospheric changes like their latest offering, there’s no denying the existence of a primal brutality in this effort, especially on “Evisceration Larvae”, or the snarling dominance found on the trudging “Head Mom Bong”, complete with a hint of The Acacia Strain in the hydro brutality…


Article based on public downloads from Narcoleptica Productions
and Cobentrice.