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Griftegard: Solemn • Sacred • Severe
Doom Metal
Nachtgnosis Records
March 13, 2015
Release length: 46:24

When it comes to Bandcamp, there’s a slew of new metal material popping up every single day. Once in a while, I happen across something that, even though not in my review que or submitted for consideration one way or the other, I feel should be given some attention, whether it positive or negative. This week, I opted to inform the masses about the Nachtgnosis Records digital and vinyl reissue of Griftegård‘s 2009 debut full-length opus, Solemn • Sacred • Severe, simply because it’s great to see this one available once more, even if it is in a strictly limited physical run.

Download your copy of Solemn • Sacred • Severe HERE.

If you haven’t heard the works of Sweden’s recently split-up Griftegård, consider yourself out of touch with the doom metal community. This five-piece act (a four-piece at the time of recording this effort) dragged listener’s kicking and screaming into the brooding and epic landscapes the likes of Cathedral, While Heaven Wept, and My Dying Bride have created over the years. The trudging pace is complimented by a warm and hazy atmosphere that builds up a fantastical realm of ritualism, religion, and hatred fuelled lyrical backdrops. Often as poetic as an Edgar Allan Poe tale, and equally as eerie, Solemn • Sacred • Severe takes it’s time to mesmerize you across the six miserable recordings that last just beyond forty-six minutes.

And now you can hear this beautiful recording the way it was meant to be heard once more. Nachtgnosis Records initially ran the album in vinyl format back in 2009, but the label has just made the release available once more through their Bandcamp page in two variants. Alongside the digital release, you can pick up a twelve-inch black vinyl, limited to five hundred pressed, or red collector’s edition with a much smaller run, limited to only two hundred pressed. If you missed out on experiencing this Swedish act’s interpretation of the morose, yet passionately melancholic world of UK inspired doom metal, there’s no better time than now to add this to your collection. Of course, if you’re still unsure, check out the Bandcamp stream above and get ready to be transported to the rain slick precipices of olden times…


Article based on a public stream from Nachtgnosis Records.