Review – Biopsy: Fractals of Derangement

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Hailing from Mumbai, India, the three-piece known as Biopsy, not to be confused with the bands of the same name from Chile and Ecuador, has existed since around 2011 (according to the timeline of their official Facebook account). In 2014, the trio entered the studio to lay down what would become the five tracks that make up their debut EP, Fractals of Derangement. But does this new outing show a band that has matured over the past few years, or is it far from what one would consider their best foot forward? [Read on or check out the exclusive full stream!]

Flummox: “Flummoxing Act 1/Garbonzo’s Leap” Stream Debut

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Avant-Garde/Progressive Stoner Metal act Flummox are back with their brand new album Phlummoxygen! This new outing has been picked up by Tridroid Records for release this March. But if you can’t wait to sample this destructive piece of confusion, then fear not! Tridroid’s got your back with an exclusive stream of “Flummoxing Act 1/Garbonzo’s Leap”, the first track your precious ear holes are graced with. So take it in below, but just know that it only gets more eccentric from here…

Stream – Unrest: “Quit” / Chris Grigg Interview

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Unrest‘s debut full-length album has basically just been a myth over the years. After the recordings not being up to par with the band’s standards and a member moving away, all hope seemed lost as to this recording ever finding its way out. But recently, all that changed. The decision was made to do some re-recording and finally make this band’s first full-length, titled Grindcore, available to their loyal fans, as well as lovers of Nasum. And, thanks to the killer folk over at Clawhammer PR, Apoch’s Metal Review is bringing you an exclusive stream of the track “Quit” so you can get your grind on while reading this e-mail interview with drummer/vocalist Chris Grigg.

Metal Meltdown #2

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Apoch and The Brute (finally) return to bring the next episode of the Metal Meltdown podcast! After a good deal of personal problems over the past month preventing the recording, concepts and how the internet has ruined them, touch on the upcoming albums from Unleashed and Brujeria, learn Six Degrees of Scott Stap is apparently a thing, somehow keep coming back to Slipknot, but most importantly premier a new song by a highly infamous Death Metal band that hasn’t issued any new material since their 1994 demo courtesy Kaotoxin Records!

Metal Meltdown #1

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The Metal Meltdown: Episode 01

Apochs.net brings back The Metal Meltdown, a project intended for the site that never really happened. Today, Apoch teams up with his old WSFX FM co-host The Brute to present a new age for that series of brutality and talk radio.