Ingurgitating Oblivion: “Descent to the Temple” Audio Stream

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Ingurgitating Oblivion is a Progressive Death Metal band that fans of the genre simply need to know about. Among the ranks of this German death filled supergroup are former members of Of Trees and Orchids, Amok, Gallery of Darkness, Ripped 2 Shreds, not to mention three having played for Slaughterday live in the past. These are just some of the roots this five-piece bring with them to the studio for their long awaited second album Continuum of Absence, their first studio album since their 2005 debut Voyage Toward Abhorrence. In an effort to spread this disease, Willowtip Records and Apochs.net have joined up to stream the track “Descent to the Temple,” a just under seven minute slab of technical brutality, which can be heard here exclusively!

Oblivionized/Razoreater: 2 Song Stream

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Attention Grind Freaks! Oblivionized and Razoreater have teamed up to release a strictly limited edition cassette of a live recording through Witch Hunter Records! This follows the performance that both bands did at Stuck On a Name Recording Studio. A recording of this show will become available through the aforementioned label on August 28th (Pre-orders are currently being accepted), with a live DVD currently being edited. Catharsis PR has approved a stream of two songs from this upcoming release.

Dead Spin Bloggin’ – Methedras: System Subversion

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Methedras: System Subversion

Italian Death Thrashers Methedras have been in existence since 1996 with three full-lengths (two through record labels) and a demo in 1999. Much like their 2006 album The Worst Within, they return to unleash their fourth album themselves after five years of studio silence. Well, at least until they can find someone to officially distribute what the press release claims is “A deep voyage into the sacrifices made for a fake freedom, the blame of mankind for an imminent nuclear disaster, the last stand against misery and poverty, the strongest answer to our worst nightmares and an intimate hope for a final resurrection, without forgetting what is really important for every one of us: true friendship, good feelings, human dignity and mental sanity.” I actually didn’t know that bit when I decided to give it a quick spin a bit ago.

Sylvatica: Evil Seeds 2 Song Stream

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After experiencing the solid debut album from Denmark’s Folk Metal group Sylvatica, I knew this was something that needed to be heard. Reaching out to the band through Markus at Metalmessage, we discussed the possibility of streaming some material from Evil Seeds on this very site. At the band’s request, you can now check out “Psycopatica” and “Winds of Decay” here.

Invidiosus: “Psychomanteum” Stream

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Saint Paul, Minnesota’s own Invidiousus have a new album coming out! In honor of the upcoming effort, Apoch’s Metal Review reached out to the group via Dewar PR to present a stream of the track “Psychomanteum.” Check out the crushing track straight from their Tridroid Records debut right here.

Exclusive Stream – Keitzer: This Is the Only Solution

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Keitzer: The Last Defence

The German Death Metal and Grindcore group Keitzer formed back in 1999 and since then has issued four full-length albums. 2014’s The Last Defence marks their fourth outing from the established five-piece group, which will be released on July 18th. Until you can own your personal copy, you can stream the whole thing until it’s released this coming Friday thanks to the awesome brothers in Metal of F.D.A. Rekotz and Clawhammer PR!