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Ruled by Reason: The Dawning of Dystopia

Ruled by Reason have put together a collection of various video clips that make up their brand new Progressive Metal assault, “Ascension.” It all starts with Harlem Shake video clips before integrating Dick Van Dyke dancing along side four penguins or an emotional anime piece about the loss of a loved one. This video is geared to assault nearly every emotion of the human being, all while being synced up to the rhythm as closely as possible. Of course the best is the bit of comedian Gallagher smashing watermelons with a flaming sledgehammer in slow motion, which is far more epic than it has any right to be.

On the video itself, the band had this to say:
“Ascension” is a song we wrote a few years ago but never “officially” recorded until now. We think it really has a new lease on life now in it’s final form, after having sat on our shelf collecting dust as a rough demo version for so long.”

You can check out the music video on the band’s official Youtube page here, or just view it below.

“Ascension” marks the first new recording released after the band’s 2011 self-released debut album The Dawning of Dystopia. Check out our review here. You can also grab a digital download of the album from their official Bandcamp page.

Ruled by Reason
Ruled by Reason

Video provided by Ruled by Reason.