Review – Bonsai (Apoch Plays)

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Bonsai is a good idea in theory, but it’s developer (and publisher) Rooted Concepts has put very little effort into it, not to mention doesn’t quite know what the concept of a “bonsai plant” is or what one looks like. This title immediately comes off like the most basic of Unity clicker assets, the kind you see accompanying Clicker Heroes knock-offs on various mobile stores, crossed with Viridi except with a price tag and none of that free title’s charm. What’s worse is the Steam community voted for this dreck to be on the Steam marketplace.

Apoch Plays ‘Bear Haven Nights’ – Episode One

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With the Five Nights at Freddy’s craze still in full swing, I intended to review the recent RPG entry as my return to Youtube following the mental breakdown that occurred at the end of my Morphine long play. However, Scott Cawthon decided to pull it, and left a huge hole in my schedule. Thankfully SunRay Games came to the rescue when they released their entry into the survival security guard horror genre with the mobile port of Bear Haven titled Bear Haven Nights! Check out what this game has in store, and how it treads away from the established format, as Apoch Plays returns for 2016 as the new security staff member of Bear Haven Motel!

Bandcamp Spotlight – Irreversible Mechanism: Infinite Fields

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I had only been awake a good twenty minutes when I happened upon a Youtube video shared by Greg Baczmarga, guitarist of Beyond Fallen and a good friend of mine, losing his shit that the new Necrophagist album had dropped last year, unbeknownst to us all. I admit, I lost my shit as well. How did the new Necrophagist slip by him, the lover of all things technical and brutal death, as well as myself unnoticed? And, furthermore, why was my inbox not exploded with press releases and requests for coverage as sometimes happens with these sort of high-profile releases following an exuberantly lengthy gap of silence? Well, had we both read the album description instead of going on pure hype or my taking the old-fashioned route of journalistic research (i.e. Google), we’d have found the culprit much earlier on than we did.