David Brockie (Oderus Urungus) of Gwar

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Gwar (band)
With one hell of a legendary run, Gwar gears up to present their latest full-length album, Bloody Pit of Horror. I was honored to be given the chance to interview vocalist David Brockie, also known as Orderus Urungus, but things didn’t go the way it was planned. Below is the short interview we did over the phone while he was getting ready for a meet and greet, which was to be expanded on later down the road, but sadly never did.

The Members of Kittie

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Kittie (Logo)
After sitting down with the latest Kittie album, I’ve Failed You, I was given the chance to interview the band via e-mail. It didn’t take too long for the ladies to get back to me with their answers.