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Chicago’s AFTERMATH is one of the pioneering Crossover Thrash acts of the 1980s.

A band that transformed into one of the most technical Thrash Metal bands of its time on its critically-acclaimed debut album, “Eyes Of Tomorrow”.

AFTERMATH published the latest lyric video “Scientists And Priest” on November 2, 2019. It’s the 6th official video for the new album “There Is Something Wrong“, which gets overwhelming media feedback. Check out the video HERE:

“People find false comfort in either science or religion”, comments vocalist Kyriakos ‘Charlie’ Tsiolis. “The institutions have been corrupted and are used to divide the masses into two camps. It’s the perfect scam having people argue over what’s the truth. The truth is that organized religion and science are full of shit and used to deceive us and keep us fighting each other. Institutions are tools of suppression and none are better at it than the ones telling us to worship false idols and blindly believe in fake science.”

Track List:
01. Can You Feel It? 00:45
02. False Flag Flying 05:59
03. Diethanasia    02:47
04. Scientists And Priest 05:33
05. Smash Reset Control 03:28
06. Gaslight 04:53
07. A Handful Of Dynamite 02:25
08. Temptation Overthrown 03:34
09. Pseudocide    06:53
10. There Is Something Wrong 06:38
11. Expulsion 04:23

total: 47:18 min.
Official release: February, 15th, 2019

Febr. 15, 2019:
Digital release – Zoid Entertainment – InGrooves/The Label Group

March 15, 2019:
Official European release – Sleaszy Rider/Zoid Entertainment

August 23, 2019:
Physical CD in stores and online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, FYE & other retailers

November 1, 2019:
Vinyl version available on AFTERMATH’s Online Shop, Best Buy, Amazon & other retailers

A concept record in the truest sense of the word, the album features a mix of old-school crossover Thrash and technical/progressive Metal, and is a commentary on what is wrong with the world today.

A calling out of the masses to wake up and know the real enemy. The music is urgent, and the lyrics challenge the listener to seek the truth. In a world of monotonous uniformity, AFTERMATH stands out alone.

Press release provided by Aftermath via Metalmessage PR.

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