Review – Skeletonwitch: Breathing the Fire

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Breathing the Fire marks the third full-length studio effort by the mixed style Metal act Skeletonwitch, showing great musical improvement, as well as some further inspirations from the older first wave Black Metal styles. While the band’s previous efforts are good, this one seems to be a much more solid and matured release through more natural transitions and more fluid music and vocals. With the act continuing to grow, mature, and expand musically, this album is proof that the band is almost there at creating an absolutely amazing album.

Review – Heidevolk: Uit Oude Grond

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At first, Dutch Folk and Viking Metal band Heidevolk‘s third full-length album Uit Oude Grond may not really appeal to you. The album seems to not be much more than some generic music from the two styles this band is categorized as, offering little to nothing really new to the scene. While this assumption is basically correct, the material on Uit Oude Grond is still very well constructed and played, coming off more as a Hard Rock outfit with some Metal inspirations here and there. Thanks to those facts, and the way the vocals are performed on this release as well, Uit Oude Grond is an album that needs time to grow on you, and when it does, it’s actually a rather pleasing experience.